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i hope that..

I hope that...
That tomorrow is a GOOD day and people (specific person is included) won't be able to BRING ME DOWN.
For my own personal need to write this down.
I hope that I remember.
I AM the BIGGER person.
Immaturity of others WILL NOT bother me.
If it does my (depression) monster would be fed.
It SHALL NOT be fed.

:) thank you.

i hope tht...

i hope tht everybody smiles more often =) n b happy through everything tht comes pouncing at u head first naked-nt literally... but still XD i hope tht this year is one tht's full of smiles~

Dec. 26th, 2009

I hope that people remember that the things they don't need/want anymore -- clothes, toys, furniture -- are not trash. Other people can use them and will be grateful for them. In the spirit of Boxing Day, may many good and useful things get another round of use, through donation to thrift stores, posting on Freecycle and Craigslist, and passing it on to friends or family.

I hope that...

this is the best Christmas for everyone, and that I won't be disappointed for wanting this and my hopes not being fulfilled.

I hope that...

deciding to go home on leave doesn't turn out to be a mistake.

I hope that...

he goes easy and painlessly... I love you so much Grandpa.

I hope that...

I can keep myself disconnected from him just enough to not get hurt when it's over.

i hope that

people understand and are not hurt.

i hope that

someday I will be satisfied with what I have and don't need anything else.